About the program

The NIAID TB Portals Program is a multi-national collaboration for tuberculosis (TB) data sharing and analysis to advance TB research. A consortium of clinicians and scientists from countries with a heavy burden of TB, especially drug-resistant TB, work together with data scientists and IT professionals to collect multi-domain TB data and make it available to the clinical and research communities. Together, we have built the TB Portals, a web-based, open-access repository of socioeconomic/geographic, clinical, laboratory, radiological, and genomic data from drug-resistant TB patient cases with linked physical samples. The Program has also built advanced analytical tools to perform both domain-specific and meta-domain analyses of TB Portals data.

Country sites in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa are sharing data through the Portals. Representatives from participating countries comprise the Program’s Steering Committee, which provides feedback and guidance on the development of the TB Portals’ resources, tools, and new research studies.

Join the Program

The TB Portals Program is open to developing new research collaborations and data sharing activities that advance our understanding of TB and can lead to better diagnostics and treatment. With this goal in mind, we invite researchers, clinicians, data specialists, and IT professionals to join our growing Program.

Please contact us to discuss collaboration and data sharing activities.