Collaboration with clinical and research partners is a key part of our program. Forty sites from sixteen countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa are sharing data through the TB Portals.

We also engage with academic and private partners on research and software development projects, focusing on TB genomics, radiomics, and data science.

The TB Portals Program is open to developing new research collaborations and data sharing activities that advance our understanding of TB and can lead to public health impact. We also welcome opportunities to expand the volume and types of data, as well as look to explore and implement new visualization, prediction, and analysis methods useful to TB health care professionals, researchers and students.

Collaborate/Join Us

The TB Portals Program is a growing global program. We have partner country sites and other sites actively contributing data in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Our scientists are involved in additional scientific collaborations around the world as well.

program objectives

Make TB data available to stimulate new research and explore new avenues for medical care.

Bring added value to new and existing data by linking disparate datasets and data types to link phenotypic, genotypic, clinical, radiographic, and other data.

Foster an international collaborative network dedicated to collection, distribution, and analysis of patient data to be used in TB research and treatment.