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Natural History Study

Tuberculosis (TB) Portals data is structured as a natural history study, and not an epidemiological study. There is no strict data collection protocol that is uniformly enforced. The notional protocol is to collect information for X/MDR-TB cases of interest at the time of first diagnosis. From that point in time, both retrospective (past) and prospective (future) data collection will commence. Imaging is conducted during the course of treatment at six month intervals. Genomic samples from the most interesting cases are likewise collected at intervals. The data are curated and validated as accurate by physicians at the time of data entry.

Analysis Disclaimer

This NIAID MXDR-TB Data Exploration Portal (DEPOT) provides access to these data and analysis tools to facilitate insights, learning and hypothesis generation. Tuberculosis (TB) Portals data is structured as a natural history study. The goal is to find knowledge that is applicable to drug-resistant and non-drug resistant TB. Any results that might be obtained with analysis of TB Portal data is for research only. The algorithms applied are statistically sound; however, based on the data collection methods, these results may or may not represent the entire TB patient population. Analysis results from this site are not intended for direct use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention or monitoring of a disease or medical condition.

It is not the intention of TB Portals to provide specific medical advice to any user. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and the TB Portals team urges users to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to personal health questions.

Confidential information

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The X-Ray or CT image file that the user may upload to the TB Portals DEPot is for comparison purposes only and these files are not retained. Note that the DICOM image format contains a header that is capable of storing patient data. The end user is responsible to check for and remove these data prior to upload.

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