TB Portals data are available for direct download. To obtain our data, we ask that requesters review our data sharing and acknowledgement policies, outlined in the TB Portals Data Use Agreement (DUA) and TB Portals Acknowledgements and Citations Guidelines. In addition to a signed DUA, please provide a brief (no more than 5-6 sentences) description of your project/study and specific data request.

Alternatively, users can explore data, conduct analyses, and export results directly through our site. Learn about our tools for exploration and analysis.

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Authorizing Representative

The “Authorized Representative” is an individual that has the authority to sign this DUA on behalf of a company, organization, institution, or government. Examples of an Authorizing Representative include faculty, principal investigator, department head, vice president, etc, as deemed appropriate by the Recipient Organization.

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Please indicate what specific data you are requesting from the TB Portals. Select one or multiple.

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Please provide a short (5-6 sentences) description of your research project/study, including how TB Portals data will be used in it and analyzed.


The “Recipient” is a lead individual who receives access to the Data on behalf of the Recipient Institution.

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The “Recipient Institution” is an institution, e.g., a non-profit or for-profit organization or corporation, which is the employer of a Recipient.