One of the main activities of the NIAID TB Portals Program is tuberculosis (TB) data collection and sharing. Since 2013, we have been partnering with institutions from around the world to collect multi-domain data from their TB patient cases. Currently, we are collecting data from 40 sites in 16 countries throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

We work with our partners in the TB Portals Consortium and other data contributors to directly input these de-identified data into the TB Portals, our online platform for TB data sharing, exploration, and analysis. Our focus is on sharing multi-domain data, so each TB Portals case includes linked clinical, demographic, bacterial genomic, and radiological information.

These data come from a range of sources – clinical trials, research studies, as well as routine treatment and care of TB patients. Patient cases submitted to the TB Portals are done so at the discretion of the data contributor and often reflect their scientific interests or clinical context. While we have a particular focus and richness of data from drug-resistant TB cases, we do not enforce strict guidelines on the types of cases we collect or how they are collected. As such, the TB Portals data collection should be regarded as that from a natural history study that is well suited for data mining and other analyses.

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