TB Portals Data Exploration Portal (DEPOT) is a multi-domain search and statistical analysis tool.

Start with your area of interest

DEPOT allows users to explore and analyze all of TB Portals data starting from any domain of data or area of interest. These are only starting points, because once you enter the tool, all data is available for exploration and analysis. Learn more about DEPOT in Gabrielian et al.


clinical data cases


bacterial genome sequences


CT studies



Explore data from user selected case groups

Users can select and create virtual cohorts, patient case groups, based on 150+ descriptors using Boolean operators. Upon selection, DEPOT displays statistics about this selected group. Different tabs show information by type of data.


Perform comparative statistic analysis across all domains

Multiple cohorts can be saved and comparatively analyzed. DEPOT uses Fisher’s Exact Test and Student’s T-test to identify statistically differentiating variables among all of the data associated with selected cohorts, summarized by statistical significance. A user can explore these variables by clicking on them and viewing them under more detailed views.